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A sample of our plants. Prices may change, email for a current brochure. 

Dwarf Balsam Fir Dwarf, dense, dark green globe, slow growing, about 1.5” per year. Ideal for rock gardens. Grows 2' tall by 3' wide. Needs some shade and good moisture
    6"    $35
Weeping Alaska Cedar
Graceful branches, draped with open pendulous branchlets, striking. 15' in 10 years    

2'    $45
5'     $75

Golden Hinoki Falsecypress
Cripps variety.  Pyramidal with frond-like, spreading, golden yellow branches, to 15' in 10 years. 
 3'   $65
5-6’   $95

Golden Mops Falsecypress Lacy yellow growth weeps down, giving it a very picturesque look. Full sun for best color. 4-6’ in ten years.

2'   $45

4-5’    $65

Dwarf Falsecypress 
Very slow growing. Dark bluish-green foliage, bluish-grey beneath. Dense pyramid
    3-4'    $65

Compressa Falsecypress Dwarf, rather flat-topped, usually tight rounded bun shape with blue-green, tightly packed, moss-like miniature foliage.  A slow-growing rockery gem
 2'    $45

Sungold Falsecypress
Gold thread-leaf cypress that is not quite as bright gold color but is hardier. Does not burn in full sun. Cultivar of filifera Aurea like Golden Mops. 3-5’ in 10 years
    1-2'    $35

Weeping Larch This plant would creep along the ground, but I staked upright to cascades down. Grows fast at 2-3 ft. per year. The golden bark is very showy in winter.    

5'    $65

Horstmann's Recurva Larch The lower branches are wispy and pendulous while the upper branches twist and contort in all directions
2'    $45

Jeddeloh Hemlock Dense compact dwarf mound, often with a bird's nest like depression in the center. Knee high at maturity. Low maint.
18"  $55
2'    $75

Gentsch White Tip Hemlock
A compact evergreen with new growth a creamy white contrast to dark green interior
    2'    $45

Weeping White Pine 
Long needles cascade from drooping branches. 15’ in ten years. Forms a spreading mound, leave lots of room. 
    5'  $75
6'+  $95

Bird's Nest Norway Spruce.  Low, dense, broad, nest-like, A 3'x6' spread after 30 years. Well behaved, no maintenance needed, deer resistant, hardy! 
    2-3'    $45

Columnar Norway Spruce - Good for a strong vertical accent. 10’hx3’w in 10 years. Fastigiate, like a rocket ship, large upright. A vertical statement    

5-6'    $75

Weeping Norway Spruce - I've staked them to various heights to accentuate their weeping, spreading habit. Visitors ask "What's that?"  
 3-4’  $75
5-6’    $ 95

Pygmy Norway Spruce - Becoming broadly dome-shaped, slow growing. 
    2-3'    $75

Dwarf Serbian Spruce - Very dense bi-colored needles with dark green above and white bands on the lower needles. 3-6’ in 10 years
    3-4'      $75

Weeping Serbian Spruce  - A straight main leader with gracefully down curving branches with weeping branchlets. Needles are dark green above and white below
5'  $65
6-8'    $95

Dwarf Blue Spruce Montgomery variety. Very compact form, slow growing and will grow slightly taller than wide with a broad pyramidal habit. A nice bright light blue. After 30 years about 15' high pyramid. 
2-3’   $95
3-4’   $150

Weeping White Spruce. Tall, narrow conical shape with pendulous branches, more uniform than Picea abies Pendula. Selectively prune branches to desired shape.
4'    $75

Broadleaf Flowering Evergreens

Mountain Andromeda. Deer don’t like them so I do! Small white flowers in clusters. Prefers light shade. 5x5' in 10 years.
    1'-2'    $25

Japanese Maple.  About 15' in 10 years with dramatic branching pattern. I've grown these from seed so the leaf color will vary red/green. 
2'  $25
3-4  $45
5+'    $75

Bloodgood Japanese Maple.  Dark maroon red leaves keep their color since they have been grafted.  The standard others have been judged by.
    2-3'      $45
Corkscrew or Curly Willow
Twisted branches often used in dried flower arrangements. Does a ballet on a breezy day
    6-8'    $45

Centennial Star Magnolia.  It reaches 15-20’ and equal spread making a shrubby tree. Its early spring flowers have a light pink tinge on the outside.    5'    $75

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